Monday, May 9, 2011

Ahhh....the drama llama.

Oh the joys of owning an intact dog.

Rocket being intact isn't usually that much of a bother.  I did get the chance this weekend, however, to get to know him in his "altered state" - otherwise known as "horny little toad."

What does this altered state entail?

1.  Stacking? What's that again?

2.  Gaiting? mean the "let's see how fast we can pull the human around the ring."

3.  What's my name?

4.  Who are you again?

5.  sniff.....sniff.....sssssssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffffffff......whine, whine...........snifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

6.  You're blocking my view of the bitch behind you.

As fun as that all sounds, it was really, really obnoxious.  It did not help that I purposely tried to avoid the "blossoming" bitch by putting us second in the ring for BIS...only to get told by handler of said bitch "I'm going in front of you."

Now, really?  Was that necessary? Technically, my dog was the second fastest mover.  He should have gone second.  But instead, a handler with an bleeding bitch forces herself between myself and the dog in front of us, causing my immature dog to overload on delicious smells. (EEWWWW)

As my first experience showing UKC, it could have been better.  I'll keep going, but I wanted to try UKC to see if I could be successful handling my dog myself and get away from the politics of AKC. 

I did score an awesome basket at the raffle and a new Scentsy warmer, so the weekend wasn't completely without enjoyment.  ;)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rocket's First UKC Show

Leah and I made the short trek back to the Amana Colonies today for a UKC Show.  We managed to fit Rocket, Jayne, Chuckie, myself, and Leah in her HHR - Chuckie and I got to share the passenger seat.  :)

It was Chuckie's first show ever, and he did a fine job!  Both of the judges told him how handsome of a little man he was.  Leah and I took turns showing him, and he didn't mind the handler switches.

It was Rocket's first time in the UKC Confo ring, and it went well.  He got a Group 2 his first show and a Group 1 his second show, so he has a competition win. 

Jayne did a great job and got a BIS Altered!  WTG brotha from anotha motha!

Rocket acted like a diva.  Yes, I said Diva.  He likes to show when he wants to show, but god forbid I have him do it when he doesn't.  When he wants to, he does a great job.  When he doesn't, he decides that it's more appropriate to be in BIS and ignore bait, sniff the floor, and refuse to free stack by ignoring me.

Some day I will be smarter than my dog?

Overall a good to the gym!