Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

HA!  Bad blogger!

Life has been crazy lately.  I switched my work schedule to 4 10 hour days instead of 5 8 hour days.  It works out well for work, but cuts my free time at night short.  I do get three days off every week though, and that is a big bonus.

Rocket is still doing well.  I've been able to up the distances he's heeling successfully, as well as adding in turns and figure eights.  It's hit his little brain that head's up = food and praise, so he is consistently offering full eye contact the majority of the time.  I'm starting more dumbbell work as well, in terms of "taking" it willingly.

A weight update - as a last ditch effort to get him to consistently eat and put on weight, I bought a bag of Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach.  His reaction makes me think they put crack in the bag.  He dances and bounces and gobbles food now, with an obvious change after just 5 days.  Weird *ss dog.  I think he heard me talking about setting up a neuter appt when he turned 3 if he didn't mature.

Allie's allergies are much better.  Not to the perfect point yet, but we are going to try giving her allergy shots to combat her 27 allergens.  The food switch was really helpful, now we just need to deal with the environmental.

K-dog is very, very smart.  :)  And focused, and serious.  But in a good way, the way that made training Ruby fun and rewarding.  She is starting to get the point of stay, heeling with eye contact, and signals.  She's so smart I can see her brain working....she'll catch herself on something I corrected her for a minute ago.  She is very much an eager sponge!  We are working on learning that my left side is the default position, not the show dog stand in front.  Punching in the ovaries is occurring less often, there are no more "shark teeth", and by golly, we love to spin and twirl!  I also randomly taught her to crawl so we can share that as our trick for graduation next week.

I set the very, very lofty goal of showing both dogs at Dobe Nationals next year.  EEEP.

Funny recent comment regarding why Dobe Natl's are a week long from a non-Dobe person.

Are you ready?

"Because there are three sizes....that's why it takes a week."

I'll let you think on that one for a bit.  :)