Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meat and a Side Boob

Catchy title, no?

Leah and I took a 14 hour round trip road trip to WI today to pick up a great raw beef mix for the dogs.  It's muscle, organ, and bone ground together with tripe.  Pretty smelly stuff, but a fantastic price, and pretty complete.

As usual, a road trip of ours can't be uneventful.  We got a little lost in rural WI but managed to find the place.  It took about 10 minutes for us to load the car, then we started our trip back.  That's when things started to get a little....loose.

I do cross stitch on car trips and at dog shows, so my head is usually down.  I notice something waving at me from the left hand lane, and look up to see a shirtless guy on a motorcycle passing us. 

I guess at 70 MPH the only way to wave at vehicles is with a flappy side boob.  I get it; you can't take both hands off the handlebars, that'd be insane.  It's much more personable to wave a nipple from under your armpit at someone.

I said "OMG" and looked over to see a speechless Leah.  We both immediately thought of and then recited this episode of Family Guy:

And as is our custom, we took the joke farther than it ever needed to go.  The biker's name is Side Boob Joe.  We actually saw him examining his chafing on the side of the road.  He has a song, a motto, and a saying:

99 boxes of meat in the car;
99 boxes of meat;
Take 1 down, flap it around;
98 boxes of meat in the car.

The more you don't want to know; that's Side Boob Joe.

Whether you're on the road or off the road; keep it flappin.

The return trip went quickly, but my stomach hurts and Leah looks like she's been sobbing all day. 

The end.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Raw meat, psychics, tarot readings, and a test later....

So it's been a few months.  I'm going to blame it on "sh*t happens," which it did, but that's been flushed.  (hardy har har)

Rocket's training has been lax, for the most part.  BUT, I am going to create a new schedule for the next few months so that Kaylee and Rocket can both finish their BN's soon and move on to their CDs.

I've been contemplating actually taking agility lessons, so I can figure out how to be a better handler.  It's on the wish list, currently, behind putting a few titles behind MY name.  They aren't fun ones; they're insurance designations, meaning that I studied my *ss off on very, very dry material and passed hard tests.  I just passed my first AU test yesterday, meaning I have (I think) 1 left for my name to turn into "Aryn Fross, AU."  I'm going to keep going to add a "CPCU" behind that "AU"....

I'm converting Rocket and Allie over to a completely raw diet in the next two weeks.  Leah and I are making the trek to WI to pick up beef, and supplementing it with chicken from a mostly local supplier.  I bought a human size freezer to put in the garage, so we'll have plenty of supply to make trips to WI minimal.

As it turns out, Rocket's thyroid was low.  This was impairing his ability to gain weight.  He had literally no symptoms; his coat got a little off and he shivered a little more, but that was it.  He's been on meds for the last month, and has miraculously gained 5 lbs.  He's up to 80 now, and looks much better.  His appetite is more even and his coat is improving.  We found all this during his routine heartworm testing; I'm very glad we ran the bloodwork!

I went to my first Metaphysical Fair today.  Yes...I did.  It was very much a good time!  I had a pet communicator tell me that I had to read a specific Agility book; that Rocket and Allie would both excel in Agility, and that Ruby says we are "good friends, although she says that you should let her run loose, because she promises she'd come back and she'd be able to handle whatever happens."  Noodle, apparently, thinks very highly of herself.  Most of the conversation was pretty standard, I'd say - based on breed generalities.  BUT, a few things came across that you would have to know the dog to, I'd say it was a success.  I told Allie I was sorry about her allergy shots, but I guess Allie thinks they are great because she knows that I love her very much to get them for her.

Leah talked me into a tarot reading.  I applied for a job, and am a little apprehensive, but I got a lot of reassurance that my decision was a correct one.  It was a really positive experience.  I'm going to make sure I don't miss next year's fair.

In a few weeks, Rocket gets his first try at a lure coursing test.  The AKC now offers a coursing title for all non-sighthound breeds, and with his prey drive, he should be pretty successful. 

It was a long post, but I'll be keeping up with it more often, I promise!